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DBT for Eating Disorders

The DBT-ED (Eating Disorder) skills group is open to any individual currently struggling with disordered eating. The group combines the concepts of standard DBT and DBT as adapted for eating disorders. In teaching the adapted version of DBT for eating disorders, clients will learn additional skills within the standard DBT modules (mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and distress tolerance) to stop problematic eating behaviors.


What we know about eating disorders from the affect regulation model is that there is a direct link between negative affect and disordered eating. Meaning, individuals with eating disorders tend to experience difficulties in regulating emotions. The disordered eating functions as a behavioral attempt to influence, change or control painful emotional states. This dysfunction results in both emotional vulnerability and inadequate skills for adaptive emotion regulation resulting in frequent reliance on the disordered eating behaviors (restricting, binge eating and/or purging, etc.).


Therefore the goal of skills training is to learn and practice adaptive emotion regulation skills to replace the eating disorder behavior. The treatment targets include a path to mindful eating and increasing skillful emotion regulation behaviors by learning and applying mindfulness skills, emotion regulation skills, interpersonal effectiveness skills, and distress tolerance skills.


Clients are required to see an individual therapist as well as participate in the weekly DBT-ED skills group. MCP is currently offering one DBT-ED group per week on Wednesdays from 5:00-7:30pm.


To schedule an intake assessment, please contact MCP at 651-644-4100. To learn more abut the DBT-ED skills group or to make a referral ask to be connected with Cait Schmitz.